Community Initiatives

Currently our community initiatives focus on:

For five years the JLNV has supported programs focused on empowering elementary-aged children in low-income communities to make healthy eating and active living a priority. Beginning in June 2024, our community initiatives will be focused on cutting-edge programs or projects that improve the lives of women and children in the Northern Virginia community.

Did you know?

  • 4% of families are living below the poverty line in Northern Virginia.
  • 28,000 Northern Virginia children live in poverty.
  • Higher inflation rates will place more families at risk.
  • Families headed by single women face challenges of food insecurity, housing instability, inadequate health care, and mental health issues.
  • Children of color are disproportionately impacted.

We are excited to take on the challenge of a new focus area, Women Helping Women. Our community initiatives will transition to providing access to essential services and professional development opportunities for women and families as part of the League’s
continued commitment to improving the lives of women and families in Northern Virginia.

We invite you to check back often to see how our community initiatives are expanding.

Current Grantees