New Junior League of Northern Virginia Cookbook

Flavors of Virginia: What Can I Bring Through the Seasons?

Since its first printing in 1999, the Junior League of Northern Virginia’s (JLNV’s) inaugural cookbook, What Can I Bring? has undergone four printings and sold more than 35,000 copies. Junior League cookbooks across the country have a storied history, are a great way to raise awareness of the League’s mission, and raise funds to support the communities we serve. That’s why the JLNV is creating its second cookbook, Flavors of Virginia: What Can I Bring Through the Seasons?, scheduled for publishing in Fall 2017.

Ever wander the farmers market wondering what to do with that butternut squash and those fresh apples? Looking for easy fresh salsa recipes for a backyard party? This cookbook will showcase some local favorites and seasonal fresh flavors. Categorized by seasons – rather than the traditional appetizers, entrees, and desserts approach – the JLNV’s new cookbook will highlight the bounty of Northern Virginia.

Junior League members have been submitting personal and family recipes for inclusion in the cookbook, and we are currently testing these recipes. Each recipe undergoes two tests to ensure submissions are easy to understand and delicious. If there are options to add fresh ingredients or swap something in for a lighter version, the book will highlight those options. We are also interested in featuring recipes from local chefs, restaurants, and members of the community. There’s still time if you are interested in potentially having your recipe featured. Please email for more information. We are excited to bring this new cookbook to our community to support the important work of the JLNV.

By the way, it’s not too late to order the original What Can I Bring?, but we have less than 50 books available. If you don’t have this original JLNV cookbook in your collection, place your order now!