In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations are essential to the Junior League of Northern Virginia (JLNV)’s ability to provide more than 1,000 volunteer service hours and approximately $20,000 in cash grants and direct volunteer service to its community projects. In-kind donations provide budget relief for JLNV programs, events, and operating expenses enabling us to allocate more dollars to directly fund new and existing community and leadership programs.

Our most needed in-kind donations include: meeting space and printing services and materials.

With the donor’s permission, In-Kind Donors whose annual donations meet the donation levels will be recognized for their generosity in JLNV publications and events.

In-Kind Donation Level Qualifying In-Kind
Donation Value
Platinum $1,000
Gold $500
Silver $250
Bronze $125


* In-kind contributions are fully tax deductible, less any goods or services provided in return for your contribution. Please consult your tax accountant for authoritative information on tax deductions. 

Our thanks to these generous in-kind donors:

Alexandra Kuhns
Allyson Follett Burns
Meghan Moulder
Robin Robinson
Mary Distler
Parys Jolly
Erica McCants
Maria Mahoney
Breanna Bock-Nielson
Felicia Afuan
Sarah Fishel
Francis Rios
Shashuana Littlejohn
Elizabeth Anderson
Miranda Lewis
Erin Curley
Heather Bomans
Nikki Kerber
Anderia Stewart
Rebecca McCrory
Alicia Campbell
Olivia Scheuer
Brianna McCullough
Tammie Askew
Jacqueline Fernandez
Suzanne Johnson
Emily Goffe
Bethany Davison
Diana Yetman
Holly Reilly
Leah Luher
Erika Massie
Rebekah Boffo
Soshana Smith
Liz Dalrymple
Euvetta Harris
Lori Ann Terjesen
Chanda Plair
Oenihss Diaz
Imani Fennell
Kat McKinstry
Hayley Aron
Aisha Bigbee
Laura Wiley
Ayana Pederigan
Erica Bledsoe
Courtney Nicholas
Mary Davis
Justine Lazo
Kristen Richardson
Tarsha Bryant
Megan Watson
Nicole Dobson
Breanne Kretzschmar
Jamie Doran
Michelle Freeman
Robyn Matthews
Jenny Ross
Brit Vorreiter
Maureen DiVincenzo
Lauren Johnson
Greer Uptegraft
Alicia Campbell