What are the different types of membership statuses? 
  • New Members: Members serving a six month period to introduce and train them to be Active members within the League.
  • Actives: Members who engage in the operations and activities throughout the League on an annual basis.
  • Transfers: Members who have transferred their League membership from another League into the Junior League of Northern Virginia. Transfers retain the status from their previous League (e.g., Active, Sustainer) in the transfer of membership. 
  • Sustainers: Members who have served at least eight Active years and continue to support the League in a variety of capacities.
How often do you accept new members? 

JLNV accepts members twice a year – once in the summer and again in the winter. All new members will be a part of a New Member class, which will give New Members the opportunity to immerse themselves in the League and learn more about our history and the work we are doing in the community. The New Member Class requires a commitment on the part of the New Member to fulfill requirements, but it is also an exciting experience!